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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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Summer vacations in Canada normally signal the start of the "happening" season. Of course, it does not mean that nothing happens in winter, it's just that there's more to do when summertime comes around.

If you've got family and you love amusement parks, like us, no visit to Canada is complete without a trip to Canada's Wonderland, a premier amusement park situated in Vaughan, Ontario.

Even before summer starts, promotions to get annual passes already did the rounds. It is a good idea (and cheaper too) to buy passes with a group of friends if you are going to visit more than once. The tickets are valid for summer, everyday from June to August and every weekend and holidays from September to October.
This is the second year that we have been to Canada's Wonderland. It's funny because I only noticed now that I never blogged about our first visit, which is kinda weird for me, since I (think I) always chronicle new places and experiences that we, as a family, get to do.
Anyway, Canada's Wonderland definitely has everything that a kid, big or small, would want. Rides, ranging from adrenaline-filled to fear-challenging, can be found at the park. Family rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides....are available to become the ride of your life.
The Leviathan

Now, not everyone is keen to be riding rides all day. So they've also got Splash Works at the place. Splash Works is a water park complete with long and twisty slides.
Splash Works

Of course, the park has the usual prize booths, caricature and henna tattoo artists, concession stands, movie theatre floating around. I probably just made it sound like the place is normal but I can assure you that when everything mentioned above are all put together, Canada's Wonderland is not your average amusement park.
So if you're feeling up to the adventure, maybe dropping at a height of 306 feet at an 80 degree angle, this is the place to be. The Leviathan is just waiting for you.
For more information about prices and attractions, visit their website.

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