Writer's Workshop: My Little Cupcake's Cupcakes

Thursday, August 14, 2014
2.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: cupcakes

As you all know (well, probably not, but I'll tell you anyway), I am one of the most undomesticated goddess here on earth. Cooking and me don't play well together ever since I can remember. I sometimes fear it could be genetics and that my kids might one day catch this from me.

Thinking somehow I could deviate my kids from this path of being "undomesticated-ness", I decided it would be a good idea to enrol my youngest for baking classes this summer. Nothing too hectic, just a week's worth of icing sugar, egg, flour and milk. See how it goes. She started the class this week and by the end of the fourth day (today), all she can say is that she loves it.

Here are samples of her work:

First attempt
Frozen-themed cupcakes
Animal-themed cupcakes
The baking classes are held at (the aptly named shop called) Bakersville. They offer kids the chance to be a baker's helper with mixing and stirring and icing. They make 4 cupcakes or cookies a day. The kids do their own designs on their cupcakes.

Secretly, I think my child just loves designing the cupcakes more than the actual baking. Oh but well, I suppose, as long as she's enjoying herself with baking, there's a good chance she might turn out a little differently from me when it comes to kitchen duties.

And so I end this post, munching on a little cupcake that was especially decorated for me. I am grateful but will eternally be wondering why my child designed a hippo at the thought of me.

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2 caring thoughts:

  1. Tima said...:

    I don't cook either, and think eating the decorations while decorating are the best part of the class. But this class looks fab! I'd even sign up for it!

  1. Mama Kat said...:

    Wow! That is so impressive! Look at all those little cupcake faces, I would have more fun with that then the baking part too! Super cute!