Canada Day 2014 Celebration

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

my little Canucks in the making

We totally skipped this event on our first year in Canada, but this year was definitely the year not to be missed.
After one whole year of living in Canada, we are finally ready to call it our home. Not that there was any real doubt that we would change our minds, but during our early settling days after landing, we needed some assurance that this was indeed the right move for us. As any immigrant will tell you, it's not an easy road, one fraught with incredible elation at times and despairing anxiety at other times.
Yet here we are, 18 months down the line.
Every community celebrates Canada Day in their own way. In Mississauga, the funfair was held at the Mississauga Celebration Square. There were kiddie rides, shows, performances, food stalls, activities for both young and old. Local artists graced the stage and the night was concluded with fireworks atop the Mississauga Town Centre building and the crowd singing "O Canada".
It was the simplest of celebrations, held with the greatest of Canadian pride. How could anyone not be moved by it all? We're not yet Canadians on paper but in my heart, I know we are there.
Fireworks atop the Mississauga Civic Centre

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