Pizza-Making Kids' Style

Thursday, August 28, 2014
At the Canada Day celebration this year held at the Mississauga Celebration Square, we were graciously given the opportunity to sign up our kids for a pizza-making workshop. Due to my deep-seated fear that my child would turn out to be an undomesticated goddess like me, maybe partly because I never participated in any food-making workshop or courses when I was young, I didn't even hesitate to sign her up.
My child seems to enjoy making food, or playing with food, however you wanna see it. This is definitely a plus. The child in me was envious. Their pizza-making antics sure looked fun! Here are some photos at the workshop:
All the kids being so quiet and attentive
Dough being tested using the nose
Pressing and shaping the dough
Flattening the pizza

Getting ready for an epic toss....
Stomping the dough back into shape
And then finally, crumpling...
Voila! A certified pizza maker has just left the building!

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