Newcomer Stories: Getting Our Home Hooked Up

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Besides all that is involved in finalising the purchase agreement, there are still quite a few things to arrange before the actual move-in day. These things don't really have much to do with the purchase but more on how equipped your home will be after you move in. Take note that the following list applies to my experiences in Mississauga, and I am not sure if they could be similar in other places in Canada. Here are a few things to remember:

Water connection and waste management
The Region of Peel controls water connections in Mississauga. It is advisable to apply for your account at least a week before your move-in date. If like us, you've bought a resale home (meaning they are not newly built homes), the previous owner might have already informed the local municipality of their intention to disconnect. It is therefore important for us, as new owners, to apply for the new account so that there is no break in service. The water account will also include your waste management account. If you are a new owner, you will need your proof of new residence so you can get free garbage bins.

In Mississauga, Enersource takes care of all electrical needs of the residence. Like The Region of Peel, it is advisable to inform Enersource that you are taking over at least a week before your move-in date.

Enbridge Gas covers the gas distribution in Mississauga. Similar to the other two utilities place mentioned above, ample notice should be given to Enbridge to hook your connection up.

Cable, Internet, Phone, Security
There are really a lot of choices when it comes to these services. I'd probably fill up the whole blog and then some if I had to name them all. The two biggest TV service providers in Ontario are Rogers and Bell TV. They normally offer discounts if you bundle other services with them, like internet and phone or mobile services. They even offer security alarm services. I felt though that since they were the biggest players in the market, they tended to be a bit pricey. There are also the alternatives, the small players, if you want to shop around. You might have to chop the services up into different providers but that's just the way it is. I found that it was very difficult to compare services and offers. There's always something better that each provider has over the others, but then you can never get away from the bad stuff each provider has as well. For me, the choice here is personal. Definitely a "whatever you need or think you want" scenario and so your choice should reflect that.

Last but definitely the most important part is to arrange for a hauling truck to move your personal stuff. If you've got a friend who can lend you a truck for this purpose, then by all means, go for it. But if you're stuck, then there is always U-Haul. The rates are reasonable enough. You can check out the truck sizes that are available, what sort of extra services you'll need (like movers, packaging materials, etc.), how long you'll need the truck for, etc. It is all very flexible and easy to arrange.

I probably need to mention that all the above items can be applied for via the internet. For the utilities, I chose to do them telephonically since I had a few questions that I needed cleared up. But for U-Haul, it was a breeze. They'll confirm the availability of the truck one week before so you can be rest assured that you will be all set when moving day comes.

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