Summer Getaway Night 1 - ByWard Market

Monday, October 13, 2014
We had to quickly hit the streets again after we checked in at our hotel because it was turning night time and we hadn't had a chance to have dinner.

We suffered our first disappointment looking for dinner. I was really wanting to have some KFCs and the GPS was pointing us to go to Rideau Centre. After a few around-the-block searches for parking, we eventually got to the mall, only to find out that everything was closing at 6pm. We literally only had one minute left. Sadly, I did not get my KFC. I had to be satisfied with a McDonalds dinner across the street from the mall.

The diversion gave us a chance to walk the surrounding area a bit. Which was a good thing. We stumbled our way to the nearby ByWard Market.

ByWard Market

Well, it's true what they say that there is always something happening at ByWard Market. We walked through the picturesque streets lined with restaurants and shops. There were even street stalls that sold small trinkets and treasures. It had also been good timing since as soon as we arrived at the ByWard Market Square, some people huddled around a street performer, who was just about to start his performance. He turned out to be a medallist in the world cyr wheel championship.

His show, a brief 45-minute stint, was engaging to say the least. It was highly enjoyed by both young and old. He also picked out an assistant in the audience, who later actually turned out to be his real-life fiancée. To learn more about their act, The Engagement Ring Show, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

The ByWard Market seemed like a heavy hustling-and-bustling place. We walked around the market until around 8:30pm when we headed back to the Ottawa Parliament Building to catch The Light and Sound Show. I suspect that nightlife was a great part of the market. We decided that we would have lunch around the area the next day.

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