Summer Getaway Day 5 - Fortification of Quebec

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
The Wall

Luckily I had booked our hotel within the Fortification wall.

Let me explain. Quebec City is a city that is divided with places that are outside the wall and places that are within the wall. The wall that divides the city is called the Fortification of Quebec.

When you pass through the wall, it feels as if you've been thrown back to medieval times and you are living, breathing Old Québécois life. Okay, so maybe the big M McDonalds sign at the bottom of the street is no help, but everything inside the wall feels so authentic that even the air tells you that you have left civilization.

McDonalds up ahead
After taking some photos with the Wall, we walked around the streets of Old Quebec. Well, there is really no better way to roam and experience Old Quebec than on foot. We found another Notre Dame Basilica but this time we chose not to go in. We visited the small shops and  ate dinner at a quaint Chinese restaurant just opposite the church.

Notre Dame in Quebec City

We walked some more and found a bakery that seemed to be bustling with people clamouring for macarons and gelato. We wanted both and so wasted no time in getting inside to taste the delicacies.

We could've walked a bit more but we decided to call it an early night. We were pooped from travelling so early and the hassles of the day really tired us. We vowed that tomorrow would be a better day.

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