Sam Strucked!

Friday, November 21, 2014
Instagram photo by jamie250196

I so rarely see real life celebrities that I must post about it on the blog whenever I do.

Okay, I'm not talking about going to concerts and buying show tickets. Of course then that would mean that we would get to see the stars. What I mean is, chance occasions or in this case, a free live event.

Each year in Mississauga, this Fiesta Ng Kalayaan festival is held. Fiesta Ng Kalayaan means the festival of freedom in Tagalog. The festival normally features local Filipino talents and different showbiz guest stars.

This year's featured artist was Sam Milby. Now I'm not really much of a showbiz fan since I've been out of the Philippines for quite a while. But I've heard of Sam Milby and have seen him in some movies. I reckon he was quite the heartthrob and so decided that the festival warranted an attendance this year.

Instagram photo by jamie250196

Sam did not disappoint. He got on the stage, sang for, conversed with, charmed us. He did not have this air of being a celebrity about him. In fact, he was down-to-earth and truly likeable. Even hubby commented that Sam was "artista ng masa", which translates to "people's artist". Sam was very accommodating, gentle and he genuinely seemed fun to be with.

It has been several months now since Fiesta ng Kalayaan but I still get the chills as I write this post. I'm not fangirling....I think I'm a tad old for that. I am just easily impressed with celebrities who are endearing without trying too hard. And Sam was just that. He had an ounce of charisma, of wit, of good looks, of everything just right. Seeing Sam Milby that day was really some kind of special and I just wanted to share that.

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