Quebec City Accommodation - Hotel Manoir Victoria

Monday, November 24, 2014

Photo from the website

During our visit to Quebec City, we stayed at the Hotel Manoir Victoria.

Hotel Manoir Victoria can be found within the Fortificiation wall and is part and parcel of Old Quebec.

I wanted us to be able to take in the authenticity of Old Quebec and so decided that a stay within the wall would do it.

It did wonders. The hotel was close to everything. Every little shop was within walking distance that we did not really our car to explore.

The hotel is situated on a busy street. It also has valet parking, which is not visible from the street. It is included when you book reservations. As you enter the hotel, you are greeted by a few flights of stairs. The front desk can be found atop the stairs.

The hotel has 4 stars and did not disappoint. Very clean, very modern and very nice - can all describe the room that we got (as pictured above). It was big enough for 5 people.

All in all, our stay at Hotel Manoir Victoria was uneventful and satisfactory. It was nice and warm...which is what you would want for any hotel stay in an unfamiliar city anyways. I'm glad we stayed there.

Photo from the website

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