Summer Getaway - the Macarons

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

 After sampling some on the old streets of Quebec City, we made the resolve to bring back some macarons. With all the sights and scenes we tried to cram into the week-long summer getaway, we gave very little time to look for the right spot to get our macarons from.

Luckily for Google Maps, it pointed us to Point G. Point G is a little shop on a busy main street in Montreal. It is unassuming but once you see images of giant macarons on the shop's facade, it becomes increasingly hard to miss.

Point G from the outside

As we walked in, we were immediately overwhelmed by macarons. Macarons of all colours and taste were on display everywhere. Macarons, macarons....well, you get the idea. It's macaron heaven.

Although it was really hard to make choices, the box only held 10 macarons each, we managed to make away with 4 boxes.

Once we got home, we tried some right away. They looked great...and they tasted great! No regrets on buying them at a random shop suggested by a GPS and a lot of thanks to Google Map.

Imagine our recent delight to find out that Point G macarons are available in Mississauga. The hunt is definitely on!

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