Shred Me Some Fresh Express

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
T-Fal Fresh Express

On a recent visit to a friend's house during a demonstration of some popular (and pricey) line of potware, we were treated to some homemade coleslaw.

Now, I am rarely one to get impressed with food, much less one with loads of veggies. But I was really awestrucked by how easy and how tasty the coleslaw was.

It was a simple mixture of mangoes, apples, zucchinis, cabbages and carrots. Topped with a slight coleslaw mayonnaise and it was dynamite. To my tastebuds, anyway.

I was so spurned by the coleslaw that I spent my next few days looking for a shredder that could do the same thing. I could not really afford the famous kitchenware...or maybe I couldn't justify spending all that money. Anyway, I trolled the Internet for a couple of days and stumbled upon the T-fal Fresh Express.

Another look at the Fresh Express

The T-Fal Fresh Express is a slicer, grater and shredder. It comes with 5 different cut options. It's easy to use and clean. Also very affordable. My only observation is that the spout where the food enters is slightly tight and so I have to chop the food up more before I can even begin to think about slicing them. It's a quick operation from there on though so the observation has no big bearing at all on whether it's a great kitchen help or not. It's a star, most definitely.

The Fresh Express was also a tad smaller than its popular counterpart, but other than that, it worked very well. No complaints on my side. I'm churning coleslaws now like there's no tomorrow. LOL.

So if you're into some health stuff and want to try making your own coleslaw, but not really wanting to spend all that money on fancy equipment, why not try the T-fal Fresh Express?

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