It's a the Car Wash!?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
At the car wash

Can't remember the last time hubby surprised me with a date. A date ordinarily entails hubby and I passing calendar dates to each other, planning what to do when.

No, seriously. Normally hubby and I just go out. All planned, no surprises. And going out for us usually means running errands and topping it off with lunch or doing it in reverse fashion having food first then shopping.

Now I haven't really minded for the longest time. Maybe I have just been desensitized but I don't really miss romantic dates too much. Personally, nights spent together watching Game of Thrones episodes, with a shared bowl of popcorn, is already romantically good for me.

I've probably set the bar way too low.

But I do find sharing experiences together (any kind - be it a vacation or activity or simple stuff) a much better growth time for us. We see new places, we do new things, we share new experiences....

So talking about all things "new", hubby thought it would be "different" to spend an hour at the car wash and call it a date. And so off we went.

Me, I just saw this as a blogging opportunity.

The whole date felt very much like we were inside a washing machine except we had a protective cape on, because everything but us got wet. Afterwards, we came out feeling all bright and shiny and sparking and brand spanking fresh. And the car wasn't half bad either. :-)

The whole event was kinda fun from my perspective, which I think just confirms the fact that I have indeed lost my romantic compass if I thought watching the cleaning chemicals come down on the car was comparable to magic under the stars.


But hey, that's just me. I'll take my romantic dates at the car wash any day, most preferably lazy Sunday afternoons.

What's your share of a simple date with your better half?

Bright and shiny!

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