NYC Trip - Central Park and Strawberry Fields

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Imagine mosaic

Our first long-ish stop when we were being toured by the local guide happened as we strolled Central Park.

Now "stroll" may not be the right word. It was a little hurried, but certainly not that quick that the beauty of the place was lost on us.

I like the idea of having a park in the middle of the city, the contrast of having the busy life and gobsmacked in the middle is a place to unwind. We have our very own in Mississauga as well, although not as lavish and as encompassing as Central Park, I suppose.

Central Park

Central Park stands on 341 hectares of land. According to our tour guide, although the park is "natural", it is actually artificially landscaped. The only things that are natural in the park are the stones and big rocks that they could not move about. And so they just worked around them and included them into the landscape.

New Yorkers love their park. You can see it in the things that they do in the park. I suppose it's not much different from any other cities but there's just something about the way New Yorkers do Central Park that make it so serene and enticing. They run, walk their dogs, take a stroll, play music, ride their bikes... It just seemed so peaceful and so right.

bikers gathering at Central Park

We did not tour the whole of Central Park and only caught a glimpse. Made a mental note that on the next visit, Central Park needs to be on the list to explore.

On the way back to the bus, the tour guide brought us along the path of Strawberry Fields. Now as mentioned in a previous post, Strawberry Fields was a tribute to the memory of late Beatles member, John Lennon. The mosaic circle of "Imagine" was gob-smacked in the middle of things and many musicians paid their respect here by playing their (not so loud) instruments and entertaining the public for free. Amplified sounds are prohibited in this area.

Strawberry Fields
 After leaving Strawberry Fields ground, we went onto the surrounding neighbourhood to check out some of the buildings where famous people lived. Sadly, I can't remember a thing about any of it! Oh well.....

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