NYC Trip - Grand Central Station

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Time waits for no one! - Grand Central Station clock

So this was the second of our long-ish stop with the tour guide. This was timed perfectly for lunch at around 1pm. We were dropped a few streets off Grand Central Station and had a brisk walk through. We were briefly introduced to the Chrysler Building before entering a side market that led us into the hub of the Grand Central Station.

Chrysler Building - peekaboo!

Grand Central Station is as busy as all the TV and movies show. It's a hustle and bustle kind of hub where all kinds of people from all walks of life meet, connect and depart. It's probably a funny thought but even though Grand Central Station does not seem to be an attraction that a tourist can fully enjoy aside from its architecture, I suppose if we were given the chance to stay a bit and watch the masses go about their day, it would really be quite an insight.

Big windows

The tour guide pointed out that the big windows that provided so much light into the station, were not just windows. A path is actually in between the glasses providing a walkway for people. I even caught a person through the glasses with my camera. I wonder how do I get there?

Walking person inside the window

Hubby and I paused and posed for a selfie before searching for lunch.

Grand Central Station selfie

We were given an hour to do our lunch business so everyone in the group scattered about. The family headed for the food court which was located underneath the main floor. The food court is a big area with a couple of fast food places on offer, just not the popular ones. After walking around and finding out what was on offer (Indian, Greek, hamburgers, etc.),  we chose to go with Chinese food (surprise, surprise).

What we noticed while heading up and down the station was that there was a heightened security within the area. I suppose since the July 4 weekend was coming up, it can't hurt to be extra careful at such a public place.

The hour to eat lunch went by fast. We made it back to the group's meeting place just in time to head out.

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