James Corden Keeps Me Up Late

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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Okay, so I don't really stay up that late every night. Well, I am a bit of an insomniac so I do tend to have bouts of not being able to sleep. But I don't normally spend the wee hours of the morning watching TV. I am trying to sleep after all so......

Anyway, it started when I heard that the Late Late Show was getting a new host last March. Craig Ferguson was being replaced by James Corden. Now if you had said that name a few months earlier, my interest would not have been piqued even the slightest. But James Corden stuck to mind.

I had only ever seen him once in a movie, the star-studded musical, "Into the Woods". And in it, I found that he was really quite a brilliant comedian, without appearing forced or unnatural. My favourite scene in the whole movie, involved James Corden's character, The Baker, jumping onto a moving carriage with a cob of corn in his hand. He proceeded to ask permission from The Stepmother and The Step-Sisters if he could compare their blonde hairs and see if they were as yellow as the corn. "Please if you will be so kind. May I compare this ear of corn to your hair?"

He was called a savage and a mongrel, and was ultimately chased away from the carriage by the stepmother and stepsisters, of course. But that scene.....really put him on the map in my mind! And James Corden became the man from thereon.

I cheat, of course. I don't watch his shows when it airs late at night. I tape them on my PVR and watch them the next day in the afternoons when I get home. Somehow though I seemed to have become attached to some late night shows without intending to.

I've taped all his shows since it started and I must say, that he has made me appreciate late night shows more. I especially like when he has a Carpool Karaoke segment on the show. Carpool Karaoke is when he drives to work, carpooling with a popular/known/famous singer in the car. James would then offer to turn the radio on and the played songs would be that of the singer's. James and the singer would then sing karaoke style in the car amidst a bit of chat interview.

I also like it when he has a veteran actor as a guest on the show. He does a segment called Role Call where he and the veteran actor re-enact 5-8 minutes of scenes from as many movies that the veteran actor is known for. It's engaging, and looks like they really have a lot of fun.

So far, his shows have been entertaining to say the least. I think I'm gonna keep on watching the Late Late Show with James Corden as long as he's around. Roll the title!

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