NYC Trip - Brooklyn Bridge

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The Brooklyn Bridge
So finally I get to the last of the last post of our trip to New York.

It wasn't particularly that interesting except that we spent the day with an exceptional old friend, walking along the Brooklyn Bridge.

Boy, that bridge is long. And I mean, really long. I'm not entirely sure it's a good tourist attraction if you ask the tourist to trek the almost-2kms length of the whole bridge. And that's just one way. How do you come back? It's dreadful just thinking about it.

But I suppose I'm an eternal sucker for punishment. Plus, I really wanted to say I made it through and so I dragged my family and friend along. I was ever so grateful that my friend was a regular New Yorker and knew her way around the area. We didn't have to walk back. We just hitched a subway ride back from the Brooklyn side.

Cheater? You betcha! My feet were tired at this point that I'd gladly accept that title.

For a better, panoramic view of the full bridge, here's a grab of the Wikipedia picture.


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