Girls Talk - Gobbledygook And The Rest Of The Gang

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
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Egregious - Exceptional, most usually in a negative manner
Cunctation - Delay
Brouhaha - Uproar
Hullabaloo - Fuss
Gadzooks - An expression of surprise or shock
Diddly-squat - Nothing, nothing whatsoever
Eupeptic - Cheerful
Hwyl - mood
Willy-nilly - Haphazard, seemingly at random
Extemporaneous - Random, offhand
Discombobulate - To confuse
Kerfuffle - Commotion, disturbance, disorderly outburst
Selcouth - Strange, unusual, rare
Gobbledygook - Something written in an incomprehensible manner
Malarkey - Rubbish, nonsense
Flibbertigibbet - A flighty person
Floccinaucinihilipilificate - To regard or describe something as unimportant
Lickety-split - As fast as possible
Wabbit - Tired, exhausted
Lippitude - Soreness of the eyes

Before you go on reading this post, I hope you familiarise yourself with the list of words above. The egregious manner in which this post is written will surely cause a slight cunctation in your reading.

I am making a brouhaha and hullabaloo about this week's Girls Talk. We are to talk about funny or weird words but gadzooks! Even being the funniest person I know, I have come up with diddly-squat.

However, I remained in a eupeptic hwyl. In a willy-nilly moment, I used all the extemporaneous, weird and funny words I've gathered on the internet to formulate this one post.

Oh dear. I did not mean to discombobulate you. Nor did I mean to put you in a state of kerfuffle. What a selcouth sight this must be on my blog! I've written gobbledygook! It was such a good idea to start with, now all it looks like is just a bunch of malarkey. Now it makes me sound like a real flibbertigibbet.

Anyway, I do not mean to floccinaucinihilipilificate this exercise but I have nothing much to add. I will wrap this up lickety-split. I am starting to feel wabbit and am getting a bit of lippitude.

Nosebleed on these weird and funny words!

10 caring thoughts:

  1. Mirage said...:

    Nosebleed and headache once more! lol!

    I only know 8 of the words listed...gosh, thanks to the new ones I learned from this post despite the headache! lol...that's why I go for layman's than highfalutin words! Enjoy the rest of this week - hopefully less headaches lmao

  1. Rossel said...:

    Your post is like tongue-twister to me. Though I had a hard time reading most of the words because some discombobulate me, definitely not floccinaucinihilipilificate as I have learned new words...ehehe.your GT entry boosts my hwyl. thanks for sharing! :)

  1. Rachelle said...:

    Galing! I wish I could write something like this! Thanks for this info! Shocks! all new words to me! It's a sign to enrich my English vocabs in addition to my German... aargh!!!

  1. Anne said...:


    this is so discombobulating... so many huh...

    followed u here... hope u can follow me back...


  1. keen said...:

    highfalutin well written!

  1. anne said...:

    hahaha you made me laugh, lol I mean a learned a lot of new words too hehehe mine is up and its here thanks Anne’s Sweet Life

  1. Wena said...:

    napagod at nosebleed ako! hehehe

    i am not familiar with most of the words here . :P

  1. Rcel said...:

    Ayayay! I enjoyed reading, you're very playful with words. Unfortunately, I don't have time to go back again and check the meaning of the words you used. LOL. Not too weird to me, actually, because they're very interesting words to learn! :)

    Visiting late for GT with A WORD THAT TRIZ FINDS TO BE REALLY WEIRD. Can you guess what that word is? Come and visit my post then! ;-) Thanks!

  1. enge bulak. LOL. i am familiar with only some of the words. the rest? never mind. wahaha! floccinaucinihilipilificate?? sheesh. i lurve wabbit though :D