So You Think You Can Dance - Wii Style

Monday, August 22, 2011
Without further ado, I opened the package sent for me.

A week ago, I decided to add 2 more Wii games to our collection. We do not use our Wii often enough (because of lack of game choices according to my children) so I chose some games that we used to love to play on our old Playstation.

Dance Dance Revolution! DDR!

Well, okay. It's not really THE Dance Dance Revolution. The games were actually Dance Party Club Hits and Just Dance 2. My kids tried it out the first night and were very impressed with the games, not to mention the song choices to dance to. By the third night, they were expert dancers, doing moves like Beyonce's booty shake and Egyptian poses.

Wonder how long till they can go onto "So You Think You Can Dance?"

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