CPR Skills For Moms

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
As a mother, I've always felt that I needed to acquire this skill to well-equip me in case of emergencies. So recently, I did not pass up the chance to attend a CPR course with some friends, who like me, were mothers with big and small children.

The course lasted for 2 hours and we were taught by a proper first aid instructor. We learnt how to handle situations involving adults, infants and babies. CPR is a very important skill for moms to have so that we understand how to react and what to do in certain cases. We were taught how to treat fractures, bleeding, cuts, choking, etcetera.

I must admit that the whole CPR activity can become a bit tiring, what with all the repeats that you'd have to do between pumping the chest and blowing into the mouth until the ambulance or further help arrives. But I suppose, in the end, it can really be rewarding and worthwhile to know that you have the ability to save a life.

We used plastic dolls as our pretend patients. On one occasion even, while practising on the baby dolls, I actually started feeling like I was in an antenatal class instead of a first aid training course. Haha.

The best part of the training though was that it happened in the comforts of one's home and I got to do the whole thing with friends. It was value for money and truly a great learning experience.

For more information, visit Supermoms First Aid and CPR for Moms.

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