Fake Me Some Lashes

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
My vanity is acting up.

If there is one thing that I simply cannot refuse (within reasons, of course), it would be that I'd have longer or fuller eyelashes!

So on a recent occasion I saw an ad on the newspaper to put on some lash extensions for a real good price. Phoned the supplier and got a booking. And 20 minutes later, voila! I had eyelashes that were to die for.

The lash extensions were the shortest of the range, they were a strip with four lashes each and the consultant had to group the strips together to get the effect of being natural lashes. They were glued just above my own lashes and not against the skin to avoid irritation. The extensions last anything from 1 day to 6 weeks. If some lashes do fall out, I am able to get a refill for a small fee so that the hair wouldn't look uneven. The lashes are not able to withstand anything oil-based so I just have to be careful with my beauty products and check if any of them are oil-based before applying.

So finally when I got home, my youngest wonders why my eye "hairs" were so dark and my eyes appeared so big???

Fake lashes, mission accomplished!

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