My Emigration Friends On Keeping My Sanity

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well, nobody said that the immigration road was easy. In fact, if you look at all that has been said, most immigrants will tell you that it requires hardwork, dedication and loads of patience. The road can be uncertain at times, when you hear nothing on the other end. You start thinking of the worst. And there are even times you feel that you might as well just give up.

The road I had taken was no less different.
The first months into the application were magical to say the least. I had the energy and determination to fill out forms and dig up information as I was spurred on by the mere thought of what our future would be.
However, of course, after a while, the excitement died down and depression set in. It was kinda lonely on this road alone. I had my family with me, yes....but they knew no better of the situation and the waiting game than I did. We were all stuck in the same car with no bright light at the end of the tunnel.
On a chance googling session I stumbled upon some discussion forums talking about Canadian immigration to be exact. The forums were filled with people, who have already emigrated or are still in the process of emigrating or are still deciding whether to do it or not. At first I used to just stalk these people on the forum and watch all the comments/advices/questions like a hawk. I suppose in the end, the temptation grew too much. I just could not contain myself any longer. I simply had to join the groups so I can contribute as well. (Remind you much of "pay it forward"?)

I took the leap and introduced myself to the group. It really felt great to be part of something bigger. Knowing that each time I needed to let off steam, I was supported. Or if I needed something cleared up, all I needed to do was ask.

3 years down the line, I still visit the forums as often as I can. I crave new posts and am always eager if I can participate in the discussion as well. I know the people in the forum only by their avatars and handles and have not met any of them (yet). But my online friends have become more real to me. They have helped me tremendously and have been instrumental in changing our lives forever.

And somehow it has made the journey so much more enriching.

I am most active in SACanada - for South Africans going to Canada.

I also visit Pinoys to Canada - for Filipinos going to Canada.

I check out Canadavisa - for news about the rest of the world going to Canada.

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