Novice Blogging - Note #24 (Mind-Blogging Titles?)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Someone commented recently that I think up the oddest (awesomest if you ask me) post titles.

I know, I know. Blog experts do talk about just naming titles that readers can easily identify and see what the whole post is gonna be about. However, I am pretty sure I am just short of being an exhibitionist. And a simple title just doesn't do it for me. So peril to me as I go on with my bad blogging ways.

I do have the usual ho-hum titles where just reading the first line can put anyone to ease. Titles like "novice blogging", "food diarist", et al. No mysteries there as the titles are straightforward enough. Judging from the titles, "novice blogging" obviously offers notes about being a novice blogger and "food diarist", of course, talks about monitoring my eating habits.

I admit though that I really like making people think. When they see my post titles, it must catch their eye and make them wonder and want to see more. Some of my "stranger" titles are:

Here I talk about the brand Bad Girl and how my child reacted to being branded.

Here I post about a comment my child made about how to grow their breasts. And of course, being a mommy, I just LOVED posting about the madness of it all.

Here I point out how hubby taught my youngest to throw a snowball so good that she decided to hit him with one.

Here I teach my eldest all the wrong ways to cook soup.

Here I wore a costume, dressed as an Austin Powers character, and went to a Halloween party.

Frankly, I don't think the titles are too far off from the story behind them. They just give off that mysterious twist at first but deep down, the posts are really warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

Yep, if you are confused, that's the kind of exhibitionist I am! LOL. Not the Lady Gaga way, but enough to (hopefully) make the readers click.

Did I just make you click on any of the titles above?

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