Weighing In: A Visit To The Dietitian

Monday, August 29, 2011
Besides a callback from the Idols audition, I would reckon that a visit to a dietitian is right up in that list as something that would never happen in my lifetime.

After borrowing a friend's diet and succeeding in shedding a few kilos slowly, I finally relented that it was time I go get my own set of diet. And since my friend's diet was do-able, I made an appointment to see the same dietitian.

I sorta guessed already that I was eating the wrong quantities as my friend is built slightly different from me. I am a little happy to say that even though I followed the "wrong" diet, I managed to shed 2.5 kilos in 24 days.

My visit to the dietitian was enlightening to say the least. I did not neglect to mention that I only ate a selected few in the greens department. But the dietitian worked around them, and urged me to take a few more greens like lettuce and cabbages. I said I'll try.

My results were appalling. I appeared normal on my BMI calculations, but when she measured my neck and hips, she announced what I'd been dreading: I am obese although I don't look like it! I have to shape up or I will not know what hit me when I get to 40. Our goal is for me to lose a further 3 kilos to get to my comfortable weight. After reaching that, I am to lose another 4 kilos to get to my ideal weight (according to my height and age).

I got my own list of "diet" food a few hours after my visit. Boy, if I thought I was eating like a bird before, I'm eating much less now. So I am back to my first 8 days again with a new set of diet. I am happy to report that so far in 5 days, I have already lost another kilo.

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